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General Inqueries

Why should I choose Prince Ink?

We are not your typical screen printer just trying to make a buck – not that there’s anything wrong with bucks. Rather, we want to create works of art that you will be damn proud of. Attention to detail goes into every piece that leaves our shop and if it isn’t up to our standards, we replace it and you never see it. We strive for perfection with every print stroke.

How much does a shirt cost?

Surprisingly (or not!), we get this question a lot. Each job is unique and has different variables that would make a price list impossibly confusing. We price each project individually. The best way answer a pricing question is to provide us the parameters of your project, such as:

  • How many pieces total?
  • What style shirt are you looking for? (standard tee, premium tank top, etc.)
  • What color shirt?
  • What color prints?
  • How many print locations?
  • Any extra processes desired?

How long will my order take?

Our typical turnaround time is 7-10 business days from payment and project approval. Turnaround does not include shipping time. Please place order in advance to accommodate ship time to meet your deadline.

Can I have garments shipped to you?

Yes, but please give us a heads-up. Provide us with a list of styles, colors, sizes and quantities being delivered so we can double check your order. PICO is not responsible for any discrepancies in ordered and delivered product. Additionally, PICO is not responsible for replacing any damaged or misprinted pieces.

Can I bring in my own garments?

Yes, but please remove all hang tags, stickers and/or packaging. PICO is not responsible for replacing any damaged or misprinted pieces.

Print Process

What is water-based ink?

Water-based ink is the most eco-friendly process available. Using a combination of water, translucent base and pigment creates the softest possible print. Ideal when superior softness is desired on light colored garments.

What is natural discharge?

Discharge is not an ink but a chemical reaction. Instead of layering ink on the surface of a garment, like plastisol, it actually forms a reaction that removes the dye out of cotton. The result of this process is a natural/off-white/bleached-out look. Some colors and fabrics respond better than others. You get a more solid result on 100% cotton and unique, less predictable results on blended tees. Some color variation in final product should be expected. Washing is recommended before wearing.

What is pigment discharge?

Pigment discharge is the same process as natural discharge with colored pigment included to re-dye cotton. This process is an alternative to plastisol when bright colors and a soft feel are desired. This process only reacts with the dyes in cotton, though it can be combined with cotton/poly or tri-blends for unique results. Some color variation in final product should be expected. Washing is recommended before wearing.

What is foil?

Foil is the best way to give your garment an eye-catching shine. Though this process creates the ultimate shine, it will fade with every wash. Foil can be combined with water based prints with awesome results. Foil comes in red, blue, green, purple, black, silver, gold & bronze.

What is glow-in-the-dark?

This is an exciting ink that allows for your design, or parts of your design, to be seen in the dark. This ink works best when printed over white or light colors. It has a slight green hue to the final print.

What is suede or puff?

Suede and puff are plastisol ink additives that rise from the print surface. Suede raises less than puff and has a suede-like texture. It is best to use these inks on images with low detail as they have a tendency to expand beyond the print edge.

What is tag printing and removal?

Tag printing is relabeling the garment. We print your own info on the inside back neck of the garment. Some fabrics and colors will hide the inside print better than others. That being said, we suggest printing in colors that will not show through to the back of the tee. Some tees come with tear-away tags that we can remove free of charge. Others require our expert hand to make you look super legit. **Tag requirements** Fabric make-up (100% cotton, etc.), country of origin, and full legal company name or RN number.

Artwork & File Setup

What file formats do you prefer?

We prefer scalable vector files such as .ai, .eps or editable .pdf. A vector image uses points and angles to keep your image as crisp as possible at any size or magnification. With these files, all we need to know is the colors and size of the print. Any fonts used in the file must be converted to outline. Furthermore, we print in spot color (solid layers of color) so gradients can only be simulated with halftones.

What if I do not have a vector file?

If you prefer to set your artwork up as a raster image, we have some requirements. The document must be created at 300dpi at the exact size of print (i.e. 12″ x 15″). It is very important your resolution is 300dpi to prevent any blurriness in the image. Web images are commonly 72dpi and though fine for the screen, they do not translate to print files. Also, do not apply any layer effects to your artwork as they will not translate to print. Please put each color on its own layer as we print in spot color and need them to be separated.

How should I deliver my file?

If your file is over 5mb in size please use to upload your larger file to a secure location. If your file is under 5mb please feel free to email us here: Be sure to include your name and project information.

Shipping & Handling

What shipping carrier do you use?

If you are not blessed with the fortune of coming by our office to pick up your order, then we will ship it via UPS Ground.

When will my order arrive?

We try to ship orders the day they are completed. In cases we miss UPS, orders will ship the day after completion. We will email you the tracking number(s).

Terms & Conditions

  • Normal turnaround time is 7-10 working days after receiving deposit and finalized artwork.
  • We take 100% payment in full up front before any print work begins.
  • We reserve the right to change quoted prices in cases where project details change or are unclear before initial quote. Changes to a product may be at the request of the client or from change in production circumstances.
  • Damages are not accepted 5 working days after receipt/ delivery of order.
  • If problem with final product is related to our production quality control, a reprint or credit may be available within 5 working days of project receipt or delivery.
  • If products are delivered on time and as approved by client, we reserve the right to offer no reprint or credit even within the first 5 working days after delivery.
  • In the case that a design, file, or product is used after we complete production, we consider the client as acknowledging that the product is satisfactory and we reserve the right to deny any reprint or credit.
  • If customer supplies material to be printed on we are not responsible for replacing customer provided product in the event there are any damages. Customer will not be charged for print but they will not be replaced.
  • We are not responsible for manufacture defects on 3rd party goods.
  • If we are required to alter, recreate, or correct supplied art, proofs are available upon request. If no proof is requested, art is considered approved and we are not held claim to mistakes in the final product.
  • Our turnaround time formally begins when deposit is received, finalized art or proof is received and approved, and all other details (sizes, colors, etc.) are received and finalized.
  • Screen printing jobs vary in price depending on size, material printed on, deadlines, quantity, and number of colors printed.
  • Printing rates are considerations and may change upon project details.
  • Screen fees apply to each color printed. The screen fee reserves the screen for 6 months for reprints. After 6 months, a fee of 50% of original screen fee is applied to each screen.
  • Screen fees cover the cost of set up and do not grant ownership of screens to customers.
  • In the event of changed artwork on reprints (dates, etc.), job is treated as new order and standard rates apply.
  • We like to show off our work which means we may snap pictures of customer printed pieces for our social media. If you do not want your prints to be used please tell us.
  • All terms are subject to change at any time. Special circumstances may require special terms and agreements.